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8" 300W RMS Subwoofer with Protection Grille Included

The MG subwoofers epitomize excellence, seamlessly blending visual and technological prowess. With a sturdy protection grille integrated into elegant packaging, the aluminum cast basket steals the show with double magnets promising confident bass production. Technologically, they impress with features like an extensive membrane stroke, dual polycotton spiders, and copper-clad aluminum voice coils for low moving mass. Notably, the MG10 version excels in impulse fidelity, delivering deep and precise bass down to 43 Hz (-3 dB) in a 25-liter speaker volume. MG subwoofers offer a perfect fusion of aesthetics and advanced technology.

Price: $599.95


MG8 Overview

MG8 Product Overview

  • Visual Brilliance: Elegant design and sturdy protection grille are showcased upon opening, eliminating the need for additional protection.
  • Premium Craftsmanship: Newly designed aluminum cast basket with delicate struts and large ventilation windows behind the spider enhances visual appeal.
  • Double Magnets, Powerful Bass: Woofers equipped with double magnets confidently produce a diverse range of perfect bass tones.
  • Impressive Technology: Long and even membrane stroke, up to +/- 22 mm, controlled by specially shaped dual polycotton spiders, optimized by MUSWAY sound engineers.
  • Low Moving Mass: Copper-clad aluminum voice coils (CCAW) keep the moving mass (Mms) low, contributing to favorable Thiele/Small parameters.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for closed housings, offering deep and clean bass performance.