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10" 500W RMS Subwoofer with Protection Grille Included

The Musway MG10 10" Subwoofer embodies a fusion of elegance and technology, evident from the moment you unpack it. The robust protection grille, elegantly crafted aluminum cast basket, and dual magnets all point to a subwoofer designed to confidently produce perfect bass. Technologically, the long and even membrane stroke, controlled by dual polycotton spiders and copper-clad aluminum voice coils, results in favorable Thiele/Small parameters, making it ideal for closed housings. Notably, the MG10 excels in a 25-liter speaker volume, delivering deep and clean bass down to 43 Hz (-3 dB), catering to enthusiasts valuing high impulse fidelity and cleanliness. For those craving a fuller bottom, the option for bass reflex constructions is available, where all three woofers unfold their potential, effortlessly reaching frequencies below 30 Hz. Musway MG10 – where sophistication meets powerful bass performance.

Price: $749.95


MG10 Overview

MG10 Product Overview

  • Exceptional Model - MG10: In a 25-liter speaker volume, the MG10 plays deep and cleanly into the bass cellar up to 43 Hz (-3 dB), catering to those valuing high impulse fidelity and cleanliness.
  • Visual Brilliance: Elegant design and sturdy protection grille are showcased upon opening, eliminating the need for additional protection.
  • Premium Craftsmanship: Newly designed aluminum cast basket with delicate struts and large ventilation windows behind the spider enhances visual appeal.
  • Double Magnets, Powerful Bass: Woofers equipped with double magnets confidently produce a diverse range of perfect bass tones.
  • Impressive Technology: Long and even membrane stroke, up to +/- 22 mm, controlled by specially shaped dual polycotton spiders, optimized by MUSWAY sound engineers.
  • Low Moving Mass: Copper-clad aluminum voice coils (CCAW) keep the moving mass (Mms) low, contributing to favorable Thiele/Small parameters.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for closed housings, offering deep and clean bass performance.