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12-Channel Advanced Digital Sound Processor

The TUNE12 inspires with excellent features and quality components that make up the foundation of this very complex device. Crafted with the decerning audiophile in mind, The TUNE12 is the Musway Crown Jewel of DSPs.

Price: $1419.95


Tune 12 Overview

TUNE12 Product Overview

Three Burr-Brown converters were installed to optimize the channel separation and enables the multiple use of different sources. The centerpiece is the state-of-the-art Analog Devices ADAU1452 DSP chip, which was fine-tuned by the Musway engineers which will leave no audiophile’s wishes unfulfilled.

In addition to the TUNE12’s extremely high-end sound, it has a great feature set: It not only has 12 fully processable outputs, but also has optical, coaxial, and Aux inputs as well as: 8 High Level inputs, 6 Low Level (RCA) inputs and 12 preamplifier outputs (up to 6.5v rms) that are easily configurable via the DSP software. It also features Start-Stop technology and Intelligent Hi-Level EPS (Error Protection System) With the 3 optional USB Bluetooth dongles you can stream audio, HI-RES Audio and can have app control for DSP Tuning from your smartphone or tablet. Also available is the optional DRC1 digital remote control with OLED display that puts the control of your audio system at your fingertips.