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8" 250W RMS Subwoofer In Flat Design

A particularly flat subwoofer should of course sound good and must be robust. That is why MUSWAY uses special and very hard cones made of the composite materials glass fiber and carbon . No savings were made on the drives either: the woofers have 40 or 45 ounce magnets and are driven by 50 mm 2 + 2 ohm dual voice coils, which are also very long wound. With Xmax values ​​of +/- 15 mm, both woofers ensure a decent stroke. With 250 or 300 watts RMS, they are also very resilient, so that no compromises have to be made.

Price: $409.95


MWS822 Overview

MWS822 Product Overview

  • Flat design: The Musway MWS822 has a flat design, which allows it to fit into tight spaces that are not suitable for traditional round subwoofers.
  • Size: It is an 8-inch subwoofer, which strikes a balance between compact size and powerful performance.
  • Power handling: The subwoofer can handle up to 500 watts of peak power and 250 watts of RMS power.
  • Impedance: The subwoofer has a 4-ohm impedance, which makes it compatible with a wide range of car audio systems.
  • Build quality: The Musway MWS822 is built with high-quality materials, such as a reinforced steel frame and a durable rubber surround, which enhances its durability and longevity.
  • Easy installation: The subwoofer comes with an installation manual and mounting hardware, making it easy to install in most vehicles.
  • Sound quality: The Musway MWS822 delivers powerful and clear bass that enhances the overall sound quality of any car audio system.