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10 Channel 8 x 75W + 2 x 145W @ 4Ohms Full Range Class D Amplifier with 14 Channel DSP

The Musway M10 is a revolutionary 14-channel digital signal processor (DSP) amplifier, inheriting accolades from its predecessor, the M12. With a slimmer design, it offers 10 channels of Class D amplification, providing eight channels for multi-channel systems and two channels with enhanced power for subwoofers. The core of the M10 is its 14-channel DSP, offering audiophile-grade features, customizable through Musway's free PC software or the optional BTA2 dongle for smartphone control. Ideal for complex multi-channel setups, the M10 delivers top-tier performance, exemplifying Musway's commitment to unparalleled sound quality in car audio systems.

Price: $1889.95


M10 Overview

M10 Product Overview

  • Innovative 14-Channel DSP Amplification: The M10 redefines digital signal processing with its cutting-edge 14-channel Class-D DSP-amplifier, setting new standards in the audio industry.
  • Top-Class Recognition: Following the footsteps of its predecessor, the M12, the M10 has received accolades from the press, solidifying its position in the absolute top class of digital signal processing.
  • Slimmer Design, Same Powerhouse Performance: The M10 is a slightly slimmer version of the highly acclaimed M12, maintaining identical technology and design. This sleek amplifier delivers exceptional performance without compromising on aesthetics.
  • Versatile 10-Channel Class D Amplification: With 10 channels of Class D amplification, the M10 provides eight channels of power for intricate multi-channel systems and an additional two channels with significantly enhanced output power, perfect for driving subwoofers.
  • Intuitive Control with Musway Software: The core of the M10 is its 14-channel DSP, allowing users to set up a wide array of audiophile features conveniently. Control and customize your audio experience effortlessly using Musway's free downloadable PC software.
  • Mobile Convenience with BTA2 Dongle: For on-the-go adjustments, the M10 offers compatibility with the optional BTA2 dongle. Easily control and fine-tune your audio settings via smartphone app, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Ideal for Complex Multi-Channel Systems: The M10 is designed to cater to complex multi-channel audio systems, providing the power and flexibility needed for a superior in-car audio experience.
  • Quantum More Output Power: Two additional channels in the M10 deliver a quantum leap in output power, catering specifically to subwoofers and enhancing the low-frequency performance of your audio system.